Mountain Movers International is a Brotherhood of Christians who fight for the freedom and human rights of innocent American victims working in the United States and Overseas to fulfill God’s plan.

Every day, Americans working overseas are placed at risk for their personal safety while spreading the Word of God. Those who are unfortunate enough to suffer at the hands of extremists have been subject to some of the worst situations and conditions that most people cannot even fathom.

Mountain Movers International is a 501 c 3 that has developed a reputation for inserting missionaries in the most inhospitable places. While we are huge advocates for prayer, we believe that if God has given you certain gifts, abilities, and networks that you should take advantage of that to His glory.

Trying to imagine how it feels to be kidnapped for ransom, sold into slavery or beaten and raped because of your religious beliefs is inconceivable for most of us. Mountain Movers International has made a commitment to do whatever it takes, for however long it takes, to save the victims of these crimes against humanity by utilizing their International Relationships and Expert Resources to do the right thing. Because it’s the right thing to do.