Moving Heaven & Earth

Mountain Movers is dedicated to rescuing the enslaved, feeding the hungry and supporting our communities & individuals.

Sex Trafficking

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Mountain Movers International Foundations (MMI) serves specific humanitarian missions. First, is the search and rescue of children who have been abducted for slavery, sex or sale for profits.

While human trafficking spans all demographics, there are some circumstances or vulnerabilities that lead to a higher susceptibility to victimization and human trafficking. Traffickers frequently target runaway and homeless youth, victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, war or conflict, or social discrimination. Foreign nationals, who have paid large recruitment and travel fees to labor recruiters, often become highly indebted to the recruiters and traffickers. Traffickers control and manipulate these individuals by leveraging the non-portability of many work visas as well as the victims’ lack of familiarity with surroundings, laws and rights, language fluency, and cultural understanding.

Feeding The Hungry

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MMI has partnered with PureGrown Aquaculture who has a State-of-the- Art Aquaculture Facility on 40-acres located in western Martin County between Stuart and Okeechobee.

Offering safe, fully traceable, sustainably grown, pathogen and chemical free aquaculture products.

This partnership gives us the ability to provide a healthy protein diet and we share our technology around the world so every child can have protein diet meals.


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Through our partnership with Anchors For Life Foundation, we are committed to:

  • providing learning experiences for students, teachers, and parents in how to build winning attitudes;
  • establishing positive self-images anchored in 21st century essential skills- Critical Thinking Information Synthesis Problem Solving and Effective Communication;
    developing successful relationships;
  • setting and achieving goals;
  • providing service built on community, national, and world needs; and
  • recognizing opportunities which lead to success through hard and smart work.


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Mission: To train and position military veterans into becoming successful entrepreneurs, business and community leaders. MMI maximizes veteran talent.

MMI focuses on 3 pillars to position veterans into becoming leaders in the private sector who will ultimately create more jobs and programs to support the 240,000 - 300,000 veterans who transition out of the military every year. MMI recruits quality candidates who can me molded into force multipliers. MMI's approach to solving "veteran issues" is top down by empowering the best of the best.

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Rebuilding The World

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