Fighting For Your Country Is Hard

Rejoining civilian life we'll do together

MMI focuses on 3 pillars to position veterans into becoming leaders in the private sector who will ultimately create more jobs and programs to support the 240,000 - 300,000 veterans who transition out of the military every year. MMI recruits quality candidates who can be molded into force multipliers. MMI's approach to solving "veteran issues" is top down by empowering the best of the best..


When you join the military, you go from an untrained civilian to becoming a warrior. The military system excels in first class Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) training to teach you how to become an expert at a job that most likely you have never had experience in. Nevertheless, you learned it and you performed day in and day out. This exact same concept applies when you transition out of the military. Many veterans make the mistake of thinking that they are finished with learning. Education should be continuous. If you are willing to invest and humble yourself (like you once did before in MOS training), you could be one of the most marketable candidates in the private sector. Companies, talent recruiters, small businesses, schools, banks, the government, etc. all would aggressively pursue you because you would be a prime candidate that is poised for success.


Mentors hold you accountable. No matter what rank you earn in the military, you will always have someone higher that will hold you accountable for your actions. After transitioning out of the military, you can lose your competitive edge without accountability checks. It may be very true that you have been trained to be well disciplined, but also acknowledge that you have been trained to take orders and execute on them. Once you're out of the military, it's easy to get lost and frustrated in the administrative process of things like registering for school, getting your resume structured correctly, and applying for a job. Our mentors take a vested interest in you as a well-trained asset. The mentor can open doors and make valuable introductions for you in business. The mentor can also be a person for you to confide in who can listen and provide valuable advice for your schoolwork and career choice.

Community Service

When you serve your country, you can develop a sense of pride that few can fathom. Continuing to serve others in your community will not only maintain your sense of purpose and pride, but it is by default one of the most effective networking and relationship building tools. MMI has fostered relationships with hundreds of other charities and community projects in various industries and we encourage our candidates to seek out causes that they are naturally passionate about.