Globally new challenges face us all, the likes of which the world has never seen before. At Mountain Movers International we understand that in order to move forward into tomorrow it will take knowledge and strength today. Combining the vision of our leadership and dedicated staff with the broad reach of our partnerships, Mountain Movers International is poised to solve problems and advance progress in ways that positively affect us all.

Operating as a 501-c3 with a special focus on preventing cruelty to children, Mountain Movers International (MMI) functions as a non-profit organization dedicated to feeding the hungry, educating our youth, helping to further empower our veterans, solving economic problems, and actively engaging in the global abolitionĀ of sex trafficking. For over 15 years Mountain Movers International and its leadership has fought against the crime and perpetrators of sex trafficking. We take a special interest in the global crackdown and dissolution of sex trafficking rings as well as the prosecution of their affiliates. At Mountain Movers International we act directly in the defense of human rights as we work tirelessly to secure the safe return of victims of human trafficking. With our attentions turned to home, Mountain Movers is interested in further developing societies. We see the value in providing our communities and dedicated individuals opportunities to grow as well as helping to highlight pathways to success. At Mountain Movers we recognize that a mind, that is nourished, mentored, and given the chance to excel based on its own merits, can become a force multiplier for good. One way we empower the world to do better for itself is by providing solutions for food sustainability. Access to proper nutrition is a key factor in developing and maintaining a healthy and capable mind. Through close partnerships not only is Mountain Movers able to offer food to those in need but, it is also able to offer technology to establish lasting solutions for the eradication of hunger altogether. Once fed, a mind needs stimulation to grow. Mountain Movers understands that not only it is important to receive an education but, that there is also a need to empower individuals to use their education in a way that is most productive. Therefore, we advocate for and provide access to forms of education that not only educate but, also focus on preparing students for entry into job markets by providing them with an understanding of how to implement the knowledge and skill sets they have developed. It is only through health and education that societies are able to flourish and reach new heights but, acts of service and commitment to society are the true backbone of lasting progress. In light of this, Mountain Movers International is dedicated to helping further empower military veterans who have already selflessly made the commitment to serve their country. By offering mentorship, outlets for community service, and direction on continuing education we offer the tools to help veterans develop themselves into even more valuable assets in both societies and job markets. Through the empowering of minds and strengthening societies, Mountain Movers is able to next direct its attention to providing solutions for sustainability and developing systems for prolonged and sustainable growth. Mountain Movers has partnered itself with the UN, as well as UN affiliated organizations, as it works towards the goal of globally offering and implementing systems to reduce waste and prioritize economies based on sustainability. Our goal at Mountain Movers International is to help ensure that globally we might always have a bright future ahead of us, ripe with new opportunities and technologies to capitalize on, in order that we may constantly improve our tomorrow.